Are You Looking for a Ghostwriter?

What separates an amateur writer from a ghostwriter? Is it the quality of writing or the amount of work that goes into each project? There are so many factors to consider when making this decision, and you can’t really know how much work goes into each type of writing until you’ve done both. In this … Read more

Why you should trust a human to write your marketing content instead of an AI writer

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Why you should get testimonials for your business

Your business can only do so much to get new customers. It can provide fantastic products and services, but it needs your customers to tell others about you if you want to grow your company’s exposure and revenue. That’s where testimonials come in. Testimonials are an excellent way to bring attention to the quality of … Read more

8 Ways That Text to Audio Can Impact Your Business for the Best

Text to Audio (sometimes referred to as Text to Speech) is a technology that can read text aloud after transforming messages that would traditionally be written down. The words are then spoken by a natural sounding computer-generated voice. Other features of this audio technology include the ability to convert written text into audio files that … Read more

Time Tested Tips to Keep Your Email Inbox Clear of Clutter

If you have a very busy schedule, your email inbox can quickly become overfilled with all sorts of email from different sources. While this can happen in any industry, this is particularly true if you work in the tech industry because there are so many potential distractions to catch your eye. Just like your physical … Read more

Remote-based Platforms and How B2B Businesses Can Use them to Increase Productivity

Introduction When it comes to a B2B business leveraging technology during these times, there are now seemingly quite a few options or remote-based tools to help that business grow. One option is a remote-based platform that can be leveraged to increase productivity. A remote-based platform could help increase the productivity of your business. In this … Read more