How To Be Travel Smart During Covid

To travel or not to travel? That is the question that is running through many people’s minds right now. Not only because it’s that time of year where traveling is typically at its peak, but also, it’s during the pandemic that is still affecting many countries, even with the infection rates dropping and more people … Read more


Endless debate gravitating on the magnitude of this subject of assisted suicide seems to never come to a standstill. Enigmatic questions still remain unanswered, like is it really about the right to die? or healthcare professions are given the right to kill? Globally being a controversial hypothesis where religion, law, ethics, and philosophy try to … Read more

Best Vitamins and Supplements Found to Decrease Corona Virus (Covid-19) Virulence

Currently, there is no proven treatment of combating the undesirable virulence of Covid-19. If relatively you don’t have any degenerative condition that would further exacerbate the general well being of your body the following supplements and vitamins might help in strengthening your immune system. ZincWith the outstanding facts from the NIH, not only does zinc … Read more