Ghostwriting Planning for Better Business Outcomes

Ghostwriting is thought to be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to get your thoughts, ideas, and words down. It can be used to supplement any form of writing from a novel or short story, an article for external publication in magazines or online sites, blog posts for marketing purposes… you name it. … Read more

How to Post Content Writing Jobs to Accelerate Top 1 Page Rankings in Google

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5 Things A Great Business Writer Knows That Most People Don’t

A business writer is a person who writes content for websites, blogs, and other web-based mediums to promote a business. Business writers are usually in high demand because of their attention to detail and knack for creating compelling content that connects with potential customers. So, what are the five things a business writer knows that … Read more

4 Winning Podcast Creation Steps to Put Your Content in Front of Millions

It’s true! Podcasts are here to stay and won’t be going anywhere for quite some time. With big company names such as Spotify, Amazon and others investing in this content format, it seems like there is nowhere for the podcast creation industry to go but up. Unless you’ve been living underground for the last several … Read more

What Is A Ghostwriter & 5 Ways To Leverage Them To Get Better Results

What is a Ghostwriter and what do they do? Ghostwriting is the process of someone writing or preparing materials that have supposedly been written by another person. The thinker that is attributed as its author may be described as a “fictional author”. It is a relatively common practice in literary and artistic fields. The most … Read more

Best ways to find and hire at least 1 technology writer for your writing project

In order to expand your editorial reach, improve your writing outcomes in the process, you will sometimes need to find a technology writer. These writers can be found online and they are typically hard-working and passionate about their work. They offer you at least two benefits: increased exposure in the market for your company as … Read more

How to Write a Video Script That Actually Makes Your #1 Video Go Viral Instead of Bust

A good video script can spell the difference between a mediocre and stellar video that goes viral. With video fast becoming the go-to-method for use in content marketing campaigns (depending on the specific survey). What makes video so enticing is that it tells a story and engages audiences on a level that written content can’t … Read more

Top 8 Social Media Platforms To Market Your Business

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