Are You Looking for a Ghostwriter?

What separates an amateur writer from a ghostwriter? Is it the quality of writing or the amount of work that goes into each project? There are so many factors to consider when making this decision, and you can’t really know how much work goes into each type of writing until you’ve done both. In this … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Guide to English to Spanish Document Translation Services

The process of translating documents, presentations, and other text from English to Spanish or Spanish to English can be time-consuming, costly, and fraught with errors. Luckily, you can use translation services to save time and money while still maintaining the accuracy that your documents deserve. Here’s what you need to know about document translation services … Read more

What is a Content Creator?

Introduction If you’re in the content business, you probably already know what we’re talking about when we say content creator. But if you’re not an industry insider, it can be difficult to understand what exactly that means. Let’s break it down by taking a look at its three basic parts: content creation, content management and … Read more

Why you should trust a human to write your marketing content instead of an AI writer

Which do you think is better? A bot-written article or a human-written one? This isn’t just an academic question; it’s something we as marketing professionals face every day of our careers. It’s easy to assume that, because artificial intelligence (AI) writers can generate content automatically and for free, they’re the more intelligent option when compared … Read more

Why you should get testimonials for your business

Your business can only do so much to get new customers. It can provide fantastic products and services, but it needs your customers to tell others about you if you want to grow your company’s exposure and revenue. That’s where testimonials come in. Testimonials are an excellent way to bring attention to the quality of … Read more