Are You Looking for a Ghostwriter?

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What separates an amateur writer from a ghostwriter? Is it the quality of writing or the amount of work that goes into each project? There are so many factors to consider when making this decision, and you can’t really know how much work goes into each type of writing until you’ve done both. In this blog post, we’ll go over how much effort ghostwriters put into their work, how ghostwriting works in the modern world, and what you should look for in a ghostwriter to help you decide whether they’re right for your project.

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

When is hiring a ghostwriter the right thing to do? Well, if you want your content to be well polished and increase engagements, then yes. It can be very difficult to see the writing process through from start to finish when you’re an amateur writer with a busy schedule and responsibilities. Hiring a ghostwriter is like getting someone else in your corner who has the expertise and experience of helping get your work out there on paper. In most cases, hiring a ghostwriter will not only streamline the entire process but also shorten it significantly as well. They know what they are doing and they won’t waste time!  If you’ve already got something written and just need some edits or proofreading done, or even if you’ve got something half-written but would like a little help polishing it up, then that’s where freelance writers come into play. Freelance writers can be a more attractive alternative to hiring a professional writer full-time. Since they are freelancer, they usually have more time to devote to a project and have faster turnaround times than amateur writers.

What does it take to be a Freelance Ghostwriter?

Freelance ghostwriters are professionally trained authors who write content on a variety of topics, including essays, technical documentation, books and eBooks. They typically specialize in one or two subjects, and clients will hire them to create written content on a specific topic. Freelance ghostwriters can handle virtually any type of project and have experience creating content in a wide range of formats. Unlike amateur writers who are just starting out their writing career, they’re well versed in style guidelines and have published work samples to show you what they can do. Additionally, professional freelance writers offer faster turnaround times and often charge less than beginner authors because they have so much more experience under their belt.  For example, many ghostwriters complete postgraduate education in fields such as creative writing or journalism. While it’s not required that you complete college to become a freelance writer, most writers in this category need an undergraduate degree at minimum to be taken seriously.

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When to Hire a Ghostwriter

On occasion, projects will arise that require the time and expertise of someone who is more experienced than you. For example, if you have an idea for a book and you’ve written all the content on your own (which would take weeks or months), hiring a freelance ghostwriter can help to crank out that book in far less time—allowing you to publish sooner and sell more copies. However, it’s also important to note that many people aren’t ready to hire ghostwriters until they’ve built up a small level of credibility or authority in their niche. This might mean developing one or two courses on Udemy, three-fourths of an eBook about their topic and/or several pieces of content on other websites with reasonable levels of traffic.  There are certainly times when it makes sense to write everything yourself; doing so is often cheaper and easier than hiring a freelancer but then there can be a trade off in time and professionalism.

Whom the Ghostwriter writes for

A ghostwriter can also write for high-profile individuals. In some cases, ghostwriters are hired by celebrities and politicians to write books, speeches or scripts for public appearances; in other cases, they’re hired by wealthy businesspeople that aren’t in the best position to be authors (or want an outside perspective). Despite how ghostwriting may be perceived or misunderstood, some authors may not have a choice but to take advantage of it, especially if they are doing a poor job at it themselves.  Another common use of ghostwriters is within fiction writing. For example, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series was actually written by two different people: Rowling herself and novelist Robert Galbraith—her pseudonym for her crime novels.

How to Hire a Ghostwriter

If you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter, the first step is to figure out exactly what you need. The second step is finding a good ghostwriter. Finding a good ghostwriter requires some legwork—there are online databases of professional writers. For example, if you’re looking for an expert writer and editor to help with the polish on your nonfiction book proposal or press release, there are a few different methods of approaching the task: Freelance job posting services – Websites like Find Writers Online offer writer job listings in which writers pitch themselves to potential clients.  – Once you’ve found a list of candidates, be sure to check reviews and qualifications for each. If their reviews and work samples are stellar, chances are they are high caliber writers. Also keep in mind that not all writers are available when you reach out to them; some may be on other jobs or just booked up at the moment. It never hurts to ask if they have the time for your project!


When you want high-quality writing but don’t have time to write it yourself, you might hire a ghostwriter. When working with a freelance ghostwriter, be sure that everything is upfront and clear for your project to be a success. If you skip this step, they may not provide content that aligns with your business image or image as a person.  After hiring a ghostwriter, you’ll need to provide an outline of what needs to be written. This will allow them to understand what tone and styles are needed for your specific type of content.  There are many different types of ghostwritten content: Articles: These can include articles about your industry, posts on your company’s website, guest posts on other websites, etc. The key here is to ensure that whatever you’re posting online matches up with your brand image and overall goals. Whatever the case, getting ghostwritten content can be a huge time saver for you or your business.