Guide to English to Spanish Document Translation Services

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The process of translating documents, presentations, and other text from English to Spanish or Spanish to English can be time-consuming, costly, and fraught with errors. Luckily, you can use translation services to save time and money while still maintaining the accuracy that your documents deserve. Here’s what you need to know about document translation services before choosing one for your business or personal needs.

What is document translation?

Professional document translation services are for professional documents, documents that require accuracy, precision and a strong grasp of both languages. These types of documents can be confusing when translated by non-experts and often lead to some degree of confusion. An English to Spanish document translation service ensures accuracy and allows you to feel confident in your investment.

What are the benefits of document translation?

Choosing a professional human translator can bring many benefits over automated services. For example, a human translator will use their skills and experience to translate documents accurately and coherently; automated services often rely on machine translation, which is subject to many of its own problems and can lead to confusing or unintentionally humorous results. Also, you can trust that your documents are being translated by people who are native speakers with all the language nuances—not people who have a passive understanding of another language.

What does an English to Spanish translator do?

An English-to-Spanish translator does a number of things, but essentially his or her job is to convert words from one language into another. Translators work with text that can be anything from short phrases and sentences (email translation) to long documents such as books and scientific journals. Some people who translate do it on an ad hoc basis, while others work full-time in companies that specialize in English-to-Spanish translation services. In most cases, an English-to-Spanish translator must learn two languages simultaneously; he or she usually starts by learning English as a second language early in life, followed by Spanish later on. In many cases, particularly at large corporations, translators are bilingual in both languages anyway and need only gain additional fluency with each other.

How can you find qualified English to Spanish document translators?

The internet is a fabulous place to find document translators, but it’s not always trustworthy. It’s best to try five different approaches to ensure you’re hiring qualified English-to-Spanish document translators. These approaches will help keep your business successful: 1) Post on free social media sites and job boards. This can include platforms like Craigslist and Indeed. While these options are effective and free (to an extent), there’s a good chance that you might have difficulty finding reliable talent with just one post. 2) Hire from an agency or freelancer marketplace platform like Find Writers Online.

What are common translation mistakes?

The most common translation mistakes usually revolve around 1) forgetting that the language you are working in is not the native language of your intended audience, and 2) not respecting the guidelines of the language you are translating into. The first mistake is a bit less obvious than the second, but can lead to more embarrassing issues if it isn’t addressed. For example, if you are a U.S.-based translator working on English-to-Spanish translation services for a client in Mexico, you may be tempted to use colloquial or abbreviated phrases or words (such as “cuz” for because) that your Mexican client would understand but others wouldn’t immediately recognize.

In Summary

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