7 Ways to Find Your Next Writer for Your Custom Writing Project

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Finding a new writer to create content for your business or organization isn’t always easy, but following these 7 steps will help you narrow down your search and find the right writer in no time!

Step 1: Determine what you need

Start by creating a project description that includes specific details about what you need written. Don’t make broad statements about what you need, but rather be specific about what it is that you want written and when you need it completed. Also consider including keywords or topics related to your project. Keep in mind that if you don’t include specific details in your job posting, then you will likely receive many applications from writers who are not qualified to complete your project. This will not only take up valuable time on both ends of your transaction, but it can also result in a sub-par product being delivered to you as well.

Step 2: Look For Competent Writers

Before you can hire a writer, you need to find one. The best way is to search for highly talented, experienced and well-reviewed candidates. Look for a writing talent, skill and reviews before hiring anyone from an online platform.

Step 3: Select the appropriate writer

There are many talented and capable writers out there, but finding one that’s right for your project can be a time-consuming process. It helps to do some research and make a list of those who best fit your project requirements. It’s also helpful to have some criteria in mind so you can compare bids when they come in. This can be as simple as listing a few writing samples that inspire confidence, or it could be more formal with strict formatting and writing style preferences. When you’re ready to solicit bids, use our bid invitation button to request proposals from at least three top candidates.

Step 4: Set Realistic Deadlines

If you’re paying someone to write your project, it’s reasonable that you want it on time. Deadlines are a powerful motivator and can keep writers on track throughout the writing process—which is why you should communicate deadlines clearly when hiring writers. However, even if deadlines aren’t set explicitly in writing, be sure to communicate them verbally or have a mutual understanding so there are no surprises when you check in.

Step 5: Evaluate The Work and Make The Payment

Only release funds and mark as paid if you are 100% satisfied with the work! If you’re not completely satisfied, don’t pay. Let the writer know what they need to do better and re-release funds only after seeing a satisfactory revision. If the writer is still not able to complete the project, you can release the funds back at any time and re-post it again to hire a different writer.

Step 6: Leave Candid Writer Feedback

Leave candid feedback to your project writer whether good or bad using the feedback mechanism provided. Not only will it help your project writer become better but you’ll also get better service from him/her. This is where many projects fail because of unspoken communication that makes both parties frustrated in terms of quality and value.

Step 7: Repeat, If Necessary

If your project went well, consider writing a testimonial if not, repost your project for free! If a writer was previously unsuccessful, take another look at your writing criteria. If it’s still too vague, you may want to send in your project with a detailed outline of what exactly you need and what points should be included. Remember that writers are flexible and they are here to help you with your business! You can also try putting more financial incentive into your project to attract the best writers.

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