5 Things A Great Business Writer Knows That Most People Don’t

Business Writer

A business writer is a person who writes content for websites, blogs, and other web-based mediums to promote a business. Business writers are usually in high demand because of their attention to detail and knack for creating compelling content that connects with potential customers. So, what are the five things a business writer knows that most people don’t?

Business writing is harder than it looks

While most people conjure images of Steve Jobs convincing users into buying the latest and greatest product, business writers know that this process can take a lot of time. If you want to write good copy, it takes work, and sometimes several drafts per piece before you get something worth publishing on your website or blog.

The writing process isn’t linear or one-sized fits all

Writing isn’t just about finding the right words to state a point. It’s about crafting copy that sells your business, and finding the right balance of words and imagery to do so. A phone call to a customer service rep may yield two or three paragraphs that should be written down as potential copy, but a sales email may only require one paragraph. Depending on the company, specific research may be required in order for you to write an effective piece of content.

Copying other writers’ formatting will not work

Business writing is about how you present your information to the reader, and business writers always look at all of the copy surrounding their content when making that decision about what to cut or add. Sure, it may sound good to include a quote in an email, for example, but most people are reading e-mails on their phone and don’t have time to read that quote in context.

You are not your target audience

Business writers understand that by the nature of their job, they are not the target customer. They understand that the same way I feel about rock metal bands might not be how my wife feels, and they have to consider that. What looks good to me as a business writer may not be something my customer wants to read.

You can always find more words

Always consider cutting down on your text instead of writing more words. Sometimes I have to stop and think about why someone put that one word in their sentence. Why not something else? Or why not a picture of your product? Think about every word you write, and ask yourself if it really needs to be there. Business writers must use their skills to pare down content and make it concise, but also compelling. They are able to do this by applying the five things on this list, and they can use their skills to make a business more successful.

When you’re looking for a way to promote your business, working with a professional business writer is an easy way to create compelling copy that will connect with potential customers and help you grow your company.

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