How to Write a Video Script That Actually Makes Your #1 Video Go Viral Instead of Bust

Viral Video Script Writing Results

A good video script can spell the difference between a mediocre and stellar video that goes viral. With video fast becoming the go-to-method for use in content marketing campaigns (depending on the specific survey). What makes video so enticing is that it tells a story and engages audiences on a level that written content can’t always reach. Unlike any other marketing medium, videos tend to garner a higher ROI than almost any other type of content.

It’s not enough just to make your video engaging though, you also need to make sure that it goes viral and achieves the success you’ve been looking for. To do this, you need an excellent video script in order for your video to be an earner. This means making sure every word is in line with your brand image and message and that the script has the right tone to connect with audiences.

As you can probably imagine, creating an excellent video script is no small task. Doing so requires a lot of time and planning, so we’ve put together this guide to show you exactly what should be in it before you even start writing. It will include useful tips for ensuring that your video goes viral as well as key elements things to ensure that it does so successfully. So, let’s get to it!

What Is a Video Script?

The script is essentially the skeleton of your video. It’s the ground work that supports all of the other components and elements of your video creation. A video script exists to tell a story and set up what you want it to convey about your brand. It doesn’t have to be long, but should be linked directly back to who you are as a company or individual.

With the script in place, you need to plan each of your videos’ components. This includes research on the topic you’re covering and your audience, as well as a breakdown of what needs to be included in each scene. You also want to make sure that it’s clear at all times how it fits into your overall brand and marketing message.

What Makes a Video Script Stand Out?

To be able to write a video script that goes viral above the rest, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. The first thing is the tone of your brand and the messaging you’re trying to convey within each scene. You need to make sure that it doesn’t take away from your voice or change your style.

Also, in order for it to go viral and actually mean something, you need a clear point that most of your audience will get about what you’re trying to say. There can’t be any confusion about it, so you should make sure that your video script is completely clear before publishing. Having a set formula for your video with the hook near the beginning, is a sure way to keep people watching for the duration and sharing.

You also should make sure that there are several strategic mentions of your brand in the video script. You want to make sure your name is said just enough times so that people remember it when they’re done watching. It’s another subtle way to encourage shares and ensure “spreadability”.

Video Script Call-To-Action (CTA)

The CTA is an extremely important part of your video script. It’s the line that engages the audience and makes them want to take action. Some people prefer to do this in the description of the video, but it’s better to keep it in the script itself. Doing so will guarantee that it’s used in every video you create.

The CTA should be subtly branded in a way that it is obvious, but not too in-your-face. It’s also important that the CTA is relevant to your video’s topic and creates a sense of urgency. You need to make sure that it will motivate people to take action and do what you want, instead of simply leaving the page.

You also should make sure that in some way your CTA creates an element of exclusivity for those who watch your video until the end. For example, if your CTA is “join us for the next video”, people may wonder why they need to join. This can create a sense of urgency and prepare the viewer for what’s to come.

How Long Should Your Video Script Be?

Your video script should work out to between 2 – 3 minutes in length which is usually around 400 words, unless you have an extremely brief or specific message that you want to convey. Many people tend to avoid this time frame because it’s hard to tell a compelling story in that amount of time. However, there are many different ways to create a video with this frame. If you can plan your script correctly, doing so isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Creating Your Video Script

Creating an exceptional video starts with a good video script. Not all video scripts are created equally. If you have an idea for a video script but don’t quite know where to start or how to get to finish, why not register, then enlist a professional writer at Find Writers Online to write one for you?