Top 8 Social Media Platforms To Market Your Business

With so many social media platforms out there, it may be challenging to narrow down for business marketing purposes. Running a business can take so much of your time that choosing which sites to market it on can be exhausting. To help you with this, below is a list of the top sites that you should consider using for your marketing purposes based on crucial statistics in early 2021.

What social media platforms to use for your business
  1. Facebook – The most users clocking in at 2.70 billion, with an average time spent on the app of 10 minutes. 60% of social media users use this platform, 80 million of those being small businesses. Overall, Facebook is still the leading social media giant that should be your central platform to market your business on, if nothing else. More users mean more of a chance for your business to be noticed. 
  1. Instagram – Coming in second with 1.16 billion users and 62% users logging in at least once a day. One hundred thirty million clicks monthly are on commercial posts. This platform is used more by entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers. Your ads will have a greater chance of being seen, and you will also gain followers to get your brand noticed. 
  1. Tiktok – Third place at 689 million users with an average of 52 minutes spent per day on the app. 2 billion app downloads and 41% of users between the ages of 16-24. This platform is the youngest of the ones listed here, originating in China in 2016 before going global in 2018. Over the years, it has risen quite quickly for the top app used mainly by a younger audience, with only 40% of older adults. Since this site is video-based, small businesses are making videos that go over their process, such as processing digital printable products. Demonstrating the process can increase the chances of your audience trusting in your product and making that final purchase.
  1. Pinterest – Trailing in 4th place with 442 million users, 70% being female. 77% of users discover new products while browsing with ⅓ following companies. This social media brand is more than just a place to keep track of your hobbies or developing new ones; it has become a way to advertise your business products and get new followers and find similar brands to follow.
  1. Reddit – In 5th place with 430 million users, 50% originating from the US. 25% are adults between the ages of 25-29. This platform is like an encyclopedia of content from the web. Reddit has grown a lot during the pandemic describing itself as the “front page of the internet.” Advertising your small business on their site may increase traffic flow since millions of users flock to this website daily for various needs. 
  1. Twitter – 353 million users with 10x more engagement on Tweets with videos, 63% aged between 35-65. This social media platform is known for keeping posts short, so the user can quickly read them and scroll to the next. During the past year, more users are spending a bit more time on Twitter. So posting about your business and products may catch the eye of a potential customer and gain new ones. 
  1. LinkedIn – Nearing the bottom with 350 million users and 50% of those with a college degree or higher. This platform is steadily climbing as far as user engagement. Widely known as a job networking platform, you can also market your business and products that users may find helpful in their professional careers.  Also, if you need to hire a virtual assistant to help your company succeed, this is an excellent platform. 
  1. Snapchat – Lastly, with 238 million users and the 2nd most popular mobile app, 4 billion snaps made a day and opened at 30x a day. Users for this platform don’t browse like in other social media applications. Instead, they watch short bursts of video content then it goes away forever. So if you were to gain some followers, you could market your business by making short videos of what your company is about and the products you are selling. 

Wrapping Things Up

Social Media platforms for your business

An online presence for your business is essential in this digital age; creating your brand will help to increase your sales. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar company, a website can be crucial for your business. In light of the pandemic, many countries still can’t get access to things they usually would, so opening your business to sell internationally should be an option. The list above will have hopefully helped you in narrowing down what social media platforms to use for your business based on your needs and demographic. Just pick one and go! 

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