Best Vitamins and Supplements Found To Be Decreasing Corona Virus (Covid-19) Virulence.

Currently, there is no proven treatment of combating the undesirable virulence of Covid-19. If relatively you don’t have any degenerative condition that would further exacerbate the general well being of your body the following supplements and vitamins might help in strengthening your immune system.

With the outstanding facts from the NIH, not only does zinc help in wound healing, cell growth, and needed for cell division but also in strengthening our body’s immune system. Its pivotal in relieving rhinovirus cold symptoms- cough, fever, sore throat irritation, nasal lockage and congestion. Adaptive immune response from the T cell is apparently triggered by zinc.

Vitamin D
Sources of vitamin D are: fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel), liver, and fortified food. It helps in regulating calcium and phosphates in the circulating blood thus revamping the state of our bone repair and nerve function. Adequate vitamin D in our body’s reduces the risk of respiratory infections minimizing the ratio of disease predisposition.

Vitamin C
The ascorbic acid being an active antioxidant, is imperative for proper functioning of the immune system. It reduces inflammation of the lungs easing symptoms of respiratory distress.

B Complex Vitamins
Pyridoxine, primarily from diet (fortified cereals) is important for proper immune functioning. If your current condition is healthy it won’t hurt starting taking vitamin B6 for its vast importance in healthy functioning of our body.
It’s a conservative formulation in form of conservative medicine. Its roots being used in this case in treatment of seasonal allergies, upper respiratory conditions and common cold all this being possible because of the recordnstructed and well modified immune system. Although, Its efficacy against eradicating other illnesses does not have a lot of proven research background but is found to improve symptoms such as sneezing, running nose and itching.

This is a dark purple berry, mainly significant for influenza, common cold, and H1N1 because of its anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. In a study conducted to affirm to the stipulated hypothesis, confirmed that people with flu like symptoms when given a syrup of 15 mls four times a day their symptoms improve four days early than people who take placebo.

Garlic, is an unspoken plant with magical antiviral properties which has proven to have high efficacy than locally used over the counter drugs for common cold and flu. Because of this it has proven to be efficient in minimizing symptoms brought about by COVID-19 infection.

They are widely attributed for their low calorie levels alongside numerous health benefits tagging along like immune boosting vitamins and antioxidant property which keep the immune system working at its optimal condition.

This is a plant commonly used in South Asian countries. Widely used in the treatment of Rhinitis, common cold and flu (influenza). Another ailment that makes the drug outstanding is its property in reducing pain. If at any time it happens to be available and accessible you will be in order to relieve the above associated symptoms

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