10 Popular Printables To Create And Sell On Etsy

Printable Ideas

To sell printables on Etsy, you need to create the product first before you can list it. And with so many out there, it may be hard to decide what to sell. The following is a list of the best-selling digital printables you can easily create and sell on Etsy to get you started.

1. Fun Coloring Page Templates

What kid of any age does not like to color? Printable coloring pages can be anything from princesses, trucks, superheroes, characters, animals, or movie-themed. Swaygirls sells printable coloring pages in their Etsy shop.

2. Classy Bachelorette Party Games

What’s a bachelorette party without some fun games? These can be anything from a scavenger hunt, someone buying the bride-to-be a drink or some fun challenges. TheSwagElephant is the most authentic Etsy shop for these types of games.

3. Cute Save The Date Cards

Most bride and grooms will need to send these to reserve the date for their upcoming nuptials. Save The Date Cards can be done on a template where you can offer to personalize it, or the customer can edit using a program such as Corjl. DIYPaperBoutique has a ton of templates just for this occasion on Etsy.

4. Helpful Daily Planners

Whether they are a busy mother or father, running a household can be hectic and crazy at times. A printable daily planner can help their day stay organized with shopping lists, chores, meal prep, and other goals. Check out HelloLovelyPlanners for daily planners and more.

5. Simple Fitness and Health Trackers

These trackers can help a person stay focused on their fitness and health goals, keeping track of their diet, exercise, and other health regimes. To see an example of these trackers, visit ThePrintedCanvasCo Etsy shop.

6. Comprehensive Budget Planner

Creating a budget is the easy part, but sticking to it can be challenging unless you have some motivation to help. Having a budget planner can help people stay on top of their finances by sticking to a specific dollar amount each month. ModernPrintableShop is an excellent resource for these types of planners.

7. Unique Editable Party Invitations

Party Invitations will always sell, and printing out these are a lot more convenient than going to a stationary store to purchase. These can be personalized either by you or made editable for the customer to personalize. There are so many shops to choose from for these printables; the SweetPartyWishes Etsy shop sells a good variety.

8. Blank Monthy Calendars

Physical calendars are still popular these days, believe it or not. Creating a printable calendar can be a simple design or a themed design. You can have a monthly calendar with habit tracking or meal planning. EvoPrintables has an excellent selection to view.

9. Inspiring Modern Art and Decor

Etsy is known for selling unique Art and Decor for the home or as gifts. You can turn your poetry or inspiring words into pieces of printable art to place in a frame. Support an artist and visit LisaNohrenDesigns, where she offers printable wall art for home & office.

10. Perfect Greeting Cards

Didn’t make it to the store in time to purchase their best friend’s birthday card? Well, have no fear; printable greeting cards are in demand on Etsy. Consider creating greeting cards for birthdays and holidays, thank-you’s, graduation, and other occasions. There are some cute Eco-friendly greeting cards in the TwigsPaper Etsy shop to peruse.

Open Your Awesome Etsy Shop Today

One of the best reasons to open an Etsy shop and sell printables is you don’t have to ship out anything. Etsy has over 40 million active users across the globe. The platform is user-friendly, with options for Etsy to advertise and market its products to customers. You can pick any theme or niche you want. Once you set up your shop, there is minimal maintenance to keep it going and earn passive income. Please check out the Etsy shops at the links provided for each printable listed to see some great examples and get a little inspired.

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