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In order for a business to survive online, it needs a steady stream of traffic, leads and customers. With the help of Digital Marketing methodologies, a business can get the amount of online traffic from various sources in order to have a competitive online presence. The following post describes 10 such traffic (in no particular order) sources and how you can best utilize them for your online business.

Google Adwords

Ahh… yes, the almighty Google Adwords. Many would argue that it is the #1 traffic source for online businesses currently and for good reason. PPC (pay per click) advertising is a method of market research that can be useful to business owners who are willing to accept many limitations with this method of marketing and willing to pay a premium for it. While this traffic source may prove costly, it will help you pinpoint would be customers with the intent for searching for your business.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the leading sources for traffic to businesses providing product/service they offer. Facebook ads are also very cost effective when compared with Google Adwords, although the return on investment for each may be quite different, depending on the industry you are in.


Twitter is a social network and microblogging website that enables users to send and read short 140 character messages called tweets. Tweets can be shared via text message or e-mail and can be viewed on the web or from a mobile device. There are different types of campaigns that you can run with Twitter ranging from follower campaigns to specific keyword campaigns. Again, expect to utilize a sizeable budget to get the amount of traffic and leads that you need from this source.


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can store and share the things you love. It’s a new kind of search engine based on interests, not keywords. Users “pin” beautiful, relevant images from their computer to their pinboard, then share those pins with their friends via e-mail or through the site. Pinterest is an excellent source for users interested in buying products or services that you provide. You can easily set up ads on this platform and get more “bang-for-your-buck”. It is often overlooked as a good source of traffic for online businesses.

Yahoo/Bing Search

Yahoo/Bing provides a search engine that provides valuable traffic to business owners. This traffic source can be useful for businesses looking to increase their online presence as well as provide lead generation and customer acquisition strategies. The only issue with this source is that it doesn’t provide a very accurate traffic estimate, which may leave you with either too few or too many impressions.

Email List Newsletter Distribution

Email list distribution is one of the most effective traffic sources for online businesses. As a business owner, it is safe to assume that your customer list has grown over time, and you must be constantly thinking about how to convert these leads into customers. With the help of email list database services (such as MailChimp), you can create a database consisting of contacts that being targeted by your emails, and then utilize this source as a means to bring more traffic and customers to your business.

SMS Text Ads

SMS text advertising is very inexpensive and provides a very large amount of traffic. It is ideal for getting an immediate response from a targeted audience, although it may not be as cost effective as other methods.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn provides an effective platform for those who are looking to get their products or services in front of the right audience. Since it is a professional network, most of the traffic to be obtained from this source is from targeted customers.

YouTube Podcasts

YouTube is one of the leading video sharing websites. This traffic source provides an incredible amount of traffic to businesses that offer videos on their website or blog. Couple a YouTube video with the SEO optimization of a plugin like TubeBuddy and your video traffic is bound to reach new heights if the YouTube algorithm picks up a quality post.

SEO Website Content

SEO website content is the foundation of your entire website. It provides a large amount of traffic to your website for a very long time and tends to be more cost effective in comparison with other sources. SEO content provides your site with organic results that are free. The only limitation is how well you optimize it for Google; so be sure to do it right.

And there you have it – Top 10 Online Traffic Sources Your Business Needs Now. If you’d like to get SEO Optimized Website Content to help increase traffic to your online business, Find Writers Online provides On-Demand writers for your business who will provide you with professional content efficiently and cost effectively.

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