Passive Income
Caption: Businessman resting on a chair and faucet from which the money flow

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is a form of income derived from doing work once and reaping the reward of your work several times over a period of time. For example, a writer writes a book, then publishes it. They will earn passive income royalties on that one piece of content several times over just for doing the work once.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates from an affiliate marketing perspective are individuals who are associated with a brand or business and are paid income based on some activity that they do. Affiliate marketers are those who become affiliates of a business and do some activity to promote that brand or business. The beauty of becoming an affiliate is you only have to so a task, like posting some affiliate link or banner code to a website or blog and reap the rewards residually over time.

The Find Writers Online Affiliate Program

Find Writers Online has a robust affiliate program where participants can earn residual income just by copying and pasting a small code snippet that links back to the site. When a new customer signs up using that affiliate link from a blog or another website, that person gets paid income on completed projects of that customer.

If you are serious about making an income online, why not add an additional revenue stream to your arsenal. You might be a writer or someone else looking to make money online. The find writers online affiliate program is perfect for those looking to earn residual income.

You can easily participate in the program by becoming a writer on the platform or signing up directly as an affiliate. Your affiliate links and banner code to promote will be a part of your writer or affiliate account upon successful sign up. Ready to get started? Sign up here.