Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Writers Entirely?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are technologies that will undoubtedly make life easier, if not cheaper, for businesses of all sizes to create content. AI/ML typically gets better the more that it is used. While it is true that AI/ML can be used as a tool for helping a writer to write, the good news for writers is, there is currently no tool on the market that can replace a well-trained writer entirely.

In the past few years, many content-generating tools have been developed as a way for businesses to create content more efficiently (at lower costs). These tools use AI/ML technology to help automate the writing process.
A company named Grammarly, is an example of one of these companies that uses AI/ML technology. Grammarly claims that by using its writing tool, it can “double your writing speed while helping you reduce your mistakes by up to 60%.” Grammarly uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide users with on-the-spot grammar and style checks while they write. It also includes other features that allow users to research and reference websites and generate graphics from text.

While tools like Grammarly help speed up the writing process, these AI/ML assisted tools need a human to ensure that the content written is correctly. If a piece of content contains typos, grammatical errors, or other problems, there is also the risk that more than just the quality of the content could be impacted; a company might lose customers as well.

In addition to Grammarly and similar tools, AI/ML can also be used to help a writer write faster. Narrative Science (a company founded by two former Microsoft and Google employees) and Automated Insights (another company that focuses on AI/ML) use AI/ML to create data driven text from historical events and other sources. Science fiction writer William Gibson said “the future isn’t what it was supposed to be.” This seems especially true when it comes to AI/ML.

While simple articles are a first use case for AI/ML to supplant its human counterparts, there are still certain types of writing that AI/ML should not easily be able to compete with. For example, novel writing is a style of writing that relies on great characters and story. It simply cannot be replaced by AI/ML algorithms. It is also possible that the literary world will find it difficult to accept its fiction as non-fiction (as Novels or short stories are generally longer than articles).

Other types of content that AI/ML may not be able to easily replace include non-fiction skill books or extensive whitepapers. All of these types of content rely heavily on the author’s expertise. Businesses looking to save money on writers by “outsourcing” nearly all of its writing tasks to an algorithm alone will find the process to find such a technology frustrating.

So what options does a writer have if he or she feels that AI/ML is beginning to replace them? There is always the chance that a writer could begin to move up in the “food chain” at their company, to become a supervisor for the AI/ML writing tools or learn how to use the assisted AI/ML tools themselves and still offer services at competitive rates.

The future of AI/ML clearly holds much promise. Its applications are currently being used by many big companies (such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook). One day, AI/ML has the potential of replacing writers altogether if an algorithm can be created that is flexible enough to handle any scenario and does not need human intervention.

Perhaps long term, companies will create software that gives them the “best of both worlds.” A program could be created using AI/ML technology combined with business-savvy professionals who help ensure that content is provided with maximum customer appeal.

While it is not know whether AI/ML will replace human writers entirely, the Find Writers Online platform leverages the human human expertise of English speaking and vetted writers to write professional content and copy for your business. If you are a business looking for great writing, sign up as a content requester today.